About Us

The CIA CELTA BRASIL is directed by Fernanda Faez and started from a Banana Broadway’s project, been the first and still only, profesional Irish Dance Company in Brazil.

It aims to spread the Irish Dance in its various forms, though the promotion of shows, classes and lectures in diferent ocasions and events.

The Dance Company was formed to debut in the stage of  Rock Street, in daily shows of Rock in Rio 2013.

In 2018, the Cia Celta Brasil did a project with the Brasil Caledônia Pipe Band, for Scotish dancing performances.

It has a partnership with the Consulate General of Ireland in Sao Paulo and Oran Irish Music.

The Cia Celta Brasil, offers customized shows, for different clients in different event profiles.

Today, Cia Celta Brasil works with a focus in a project that has been developing in partnership with Oran Irish Music, looking for an artistic result feithfull to the Irish roots but palatable and empathetic to the Brazilian audience and to the bodies of our Brazilian cast.